Photography by Mark Inc. and COVID-19

At Photography by Mark Inc. children and their safety are our number one priority and we are taking precautions to help protect them and the faculty at your school from COVID-19. Please read below to find out more on our Hands Off Policy.


All of our assistants and photographers are required to wear a mask when inside the school to ensure the safety of our staff but more importantly the safety of the students and staff members. If the student decides to remove their mask for the picture they can do so as they are in the guidlines of the 6 foot social distancing rule and will be required to put the mask back on before leaving the photo booth.

Social Distancing

During school photo day infront of our tables there will be these stickers approximately 6 feet apart from each other. We are asking the schools to help keep kids 6 feet apart by assigning a member of the faculty to keep children on these stickers to ensure social distancing is taking place.

Hand Sanitizer and Other Sanitizing Supplies

At every photo booth the assistants will have hand santizier available for faculty and students to use to help ensure a healthy and clean enviornment are kept. We will also have Lysol cleaning wipes with us to wipe down the table periodically during photo day.

We are implementing this new policy to help keep our future generations safe. We are also putting in place other practices to help keep photo day a healthy and safe one for all. We are asking teachers for children in PK-2nd grade to help with hair and adjusting for their pose. We are doing this so the kids are not exposed to someone out of their daily routine to help reduce the chances of outsider contamination. If the school district is requiring stricter guidlines or instructions we will help enfore these during photo day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via phone or email.