School Safety

Photography by Mark Inc. takes school safety as one of its top priorities. Kids are the most valuable thing this world has to offer and we want to make sure their time at school is safe and as friendly as possible; we want to make sure we play our part in that! So please review this page as it is an important section. If you’d like to get into contact with us with more questions about our security and safety features use the button at the bottom of the page.

I.D. Cards

 Custom ID cards can be designed by our own people to give you that unique look. We have the capability to make it look as simple as possible or as elegant and original as you would like! If there is a request to help determine student from faculty and visitors from the rest of the populace that is easily done.

Temporary Badges

We can make temporary badges for any kind of visitor or a temporary staff member such as a substitute teacher. The temporary badges are designed and built for your school’s specific needs and wants. Our design team can work with you and get these molded to your desire! Our temporary badges are perfect for helping identify a possible unknown face from a crowd and knowing that they are allowed to be there.

Safety ID Cards

With every picture order that we send out to the families, we also send a safety ID card. These are a laminated form of pictures with students information on it to help parents identify their child if the need arises. For this item, it does not matter, if the student purchases any pictures to receive this. We believe that every child’s safety is as important at school as it is at home.